Ever wonder what your favorite characters are up to after their book has finished?

I do. I think of some of my favorites often and wonder what’s happening in their lives. It’s sort of like not seeing old friends for a while and you find out they had a baby, or two. Maybe they bought a new house and moved. Could be they changed jobs or moved across the country.

I think of my characters often in terms of what would they be doing. This week, I was thinking of Hadleigh and Donovan and wondering what they’re up to. So, I peeked in. Is that bad?

Hadleigh has been working with the kids whose parents are employed by GHOST and RAPTOR. They are being schooled by the mom’s and Hadleigh and they’re growing. Hadleigh, who always wanted to help kids and had been a social worker for a number of years has found her calling at the RAPTOR compound. She and Donovan live in her house, though you know they’ve been talking about buying a larger house, but they wouldn’t confirm if that was because they are thinking about having kids of their own or not. My characters keep secrets from me, that doesn’t seem right. Anyway, life it good, they are enjoying their newlywed status and Donovan is still working with his teammates to find Sergeant Dilano, affectionately known as Dildo to the team. He’s a slippery little Basta….

Holding Hadleigh, RAPTOR Book Two can be purchased here.

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