Where did Sam Bowers come from?

When I ask, Where, I don’t me geographically. I mean what’s in his headspace?

When Sam meets Charly he’s in his late thirties and he’s been married and divorced. His ex told him she wanted a regular schedule and more predictability and Sam with his job as a detective couldn’t offer her that. Maybe she didn’t love him as much as she should have, because those are things you work out. But, nevertheless, it worked out in the end for him and Charly.

So, big Sam is divorced, working a job that takes fortitude and grit, plus the stamina of irregular hours, and frankly not only did he lack the inclination to find someone else, the poor man didn’t have the time.

When he first sees Charly, his mind became engaged. Here she is, beautiful, spunky and smart. She works a job similar to his in that her hours are irregular and she deals with the not-so-great side of life, just like him. Plus, he’s attracted to her. For the first time in years, Sam is interested.

So, what held him back?

Just like everyone else, it’s the same things – doubt, fear, avoidance. You know how we talk ourselves out of doing things because of things we ‘think’ will happen. That was it.

But, when he walked into that house to investigate gunshots fired, something in his gut and his heart told him she was as vulnerable as he was. And, she needed help. That, Sam is willing and eager to give. Afterall, he’s a detective. He’s been helping people since he went to college.

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When she looked up at him a myriad of things happened inside at once. His heartbeat increased as he stared into those gorgeous blue eyes he’d been dreaming about late at night. His breathing constricted at the sadness that dimmed her normally bright eyes, and his mind screamed, “Wrap her in your arms and don’t let go.”