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Deanna Stevens you have been randomly selected to win Shaded with Love, Vol. 2.  Please email me with your address.

Thank you everyone for commenting.  More giveaways to come.  Stay tuned.

Since our multi-author coloring book released, we’ve had tons of messages from people telling us how much they love them, and of course, all proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – win/win.

This brings me to the conclusion that people love coloring books and since the charity is a worthy one, I purchased some copies to give away.  Yep, you heard that right – give away.

So periodically, I’ll be posting a flash giveaway on this site and only for my newsletter subscribers. 

For this first Flash Giveaway, I’m giving away a copy of the Shades of Love Volume 2 coloring book.  This is 120 pages of awesome coloring fun, each themed for the individual author, blogger, photographer who sponsored the book.  

One randomly selected winner will receive a copy of this book, signed by me.  All you need to do to enter is comment below with your favorite charity and why.

Winner chosen Wednesday April 19th and announced here.

Void where prohibited, must be 18 years old to enter.  US residents mailing only.  If prize is not accepted within 1 month from the date of winning, it will be forfeit.

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  1. St. Jude’s for sure. I think they are the best out there since all of the money actually goes towards finding cures, treatment, and paying for the care and paying for families to move so they can be with their child everyday. Very minimal percentage goes to overhead costs unlike most other charities that only give a small percentage to the actual research/charity itself.

  2. My charity is Ducks Unlimited, I am the chairman of the Charles County MD chapter. We are a wetland conservation organization. We purchase land for conservation, repair creeks, streams, and tributaries.

  3. My favorite is the Friendship APL in Elyria Ohio. I live in Oregon now, but lived my whole life in Elyria. They have the best animal shelter, taking in dogs and cats. They are treated better than any other I have seen, and have the best support.

  4. I support SMILE Train. It changes the lives of children through its surgeons. March of Dimes has through its research, and I also support them, but SMILE Train reaches out in a more personal way.

  5. St. Susan’s…..is a local food pantry that helps feed the low income and homeless in the area.

  6. Local….Warrick Humane Society. St Judes because it saves lives and I know one of those saved lives!

  7. I believe there are many wonderful charities. St Judes being one of them. I have a personal involvement for hospice care. They were there for me and my parents as they were at the end of their lives. Unfortunately Both parents were ill at the same time so they had to do double duty for our family. The love and caring local hospice was absolutely amazing.

  8. St. Judes is my favorite charity. They do such wonderful work there and do so much for children, their families, and for cancer research. Ever since my niece was diagnosed with cancer St. Judes has been my go to charity to donate.

  9. My favorite Charity is our Animal Rescue. I try to do everything I can to make their lives a happier place

  10. St Jude’s is one of my favorites and so is the Shriner’s Hospital. No one receives a bill. Those children are precious. Also Wounded Warriors, Father was WW2, husband is a Korean War vet and two grandsons in the Army now. Keep up the good work.

  11. Prostate Cancer Foundation, this is special to me because I have many family members that have had prostate cancer. It is so easily detected with a simple blood test. Thanks!

  12. my favorite charity is St Jude’s Hospital, I have been donating for years, it is so hard for me to see children suffering and St Jude’s not only provides medical treatments but brings these children comfort as well

  13. As for human charities….St. Judes is the only one who gives 100% to the kids. So, that is the only human charity I donate to since their hearts are no in their pockets. Otherwise I also pick a no kill shelter for animals. After all they can’t look out for themselves so we need to help out any way we can.

  14. Gosh would love ❤️ win one these coloring books 📚. I have been trying forever win one for so long.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. St. Judes for National but I also like to help out local charities especially women shelters.

  16. Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. They were fantastic with both my mom and my husband when they were dying from cancer (not at the same time). The people that I interacted with were angels on earth and I cannot say enough good about this organization.

  17. My favorite charity is St. Judes children’s Hospital. They are helping the most vulnerable of our society, our children. Also support A Tale to be Told, which is a kitten/cat rescue (and basically any animal that needs help). My daughter works with this rescue and has hand fed many small kittens. Including whole litters of newborns that need to be fed every 2 hours around the clock! They also have to be socialized (this is where I help out when visiting, I get to hold, cuddle and love them (all so sweet). Again the most vulnerable and needy of society. Children and animals.

  18. I love Shriner’s. I was a patient of thier’s 30 years ago this year.I always give money to them when I see them out.they were good to my parents and I!

  19. My favorite charity is Active Heroes as I have seen what they do to help Veterans and their familes

  20. The Ronald McDonald House is my favorite Charity ! We stayed there alot when our son was going through treatments and they were so good to us and we send them $20.00 month so they can help other families the way they helped us .

  21. I love PAWS. Bob Barker is part of it and they help rescue wild animals held in captive or ex “star” animals used in movies and TV’s, It’s awesome to know these animals can live out their lives roaming freely on huge sanctuaries.

  22. American Diabetes Association because my hope is a cure will be found so my sister and others who have Type 1 diabetes won’t have to live with it forever

  23. I support American Heart Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Cancer, Salvation Army, to name a few….and Vetsports.

  24. Mine is the national kidney foundation, because my nephew had failure of the kidneys and thanks to them we were able to enjoy him for 16 years before he lost his battle. Without the kidney he was only give 5 years. I’m truly thankful.

  25. St. Jude’s is also my favorite charity! It is so nice that parents have a place they can take their children and not worry about bills piling up, they can concentrate on their child getting well!

  26. St. Jude’s is also my favorite charity. A classmate of mine lost his 3 yr. old son to Leukemia and St. Jude’s was a godsend to them.

  27. St. Jude’s is my favorite. We try to make a donation every year. I love that they do a lot for kids and their families. It must be hard having a kid with cancer and St Jude’s makes it a little easier the family, having a place for them to stay and they don’t turn away anyone even if they can’t pay. That shows they really do care about the kids!

  28. My favorite charity is the American Red Cross due to their assistance during tragic events.

  29. I love supporting most charities, but I have to say…I’m a sucker for animal charities. I must donate to our local shelters, and IFAW, WWF…Other than that, my other main ones are kidney, heart and lung, as well as the cancer society. As most of these diseases have hit our family and/or friends at one time or another. I love the vol 1 of these colouring books! I would love a copy of vol 2 as well. And such a great cause. I love how supportive the book world is. Thanks! 😄❤💋

  30. March of Dimes – My cousin was born with his lungs the size of a jelly bean and only lived 13 months. That was over 30 yrs. old. Because of the support of March of Dimes and their advance research my cousin if born today would have lived. My family & I 100% support this foundation.

  31. Mine is Bikers Against Child Abuse. What they do is beyond amazing. I have seen some of the kids they have helped blossom.

  32. I’d have to say St. Jude’s and The Ronald McDonald house. I’ve not dealt directly with St. Jude’s but I’ve heard of the amazing things that they do for these children and their families!
    I have a personal experience with the Ronald McDonald House. My stepbrother was severely burned along his lower face and neck with 3rd degree burns when he was 11. I was only around 14-15 at the time. We had to go to Kentucky from Tennessee for him to have skin graft surgery and we had to stay a few nights so Ronald McDonald furnished us with a free place to stay while we were there! They were such a blessing to my family!!

  33. St. Jude’s. It breaks my heart that children have to suffer through any illness and this can be so stressful for the parents. These families face so much stress with their child’s illness and finances should never have to be a factor when make decisions about your child’s treatment.

  34. My favorite charities are Make a Wish and St. Jude’s. Children are a gift from God, so anything that makes a sick child just a little happier is a win for me.

  35. St Jude’s is one of the best charities I was sick as a child with kidney problems and my daughter inherited it…it is nothing like what these children are going through. I feel they do a lot with the money they receive and for the kids.

  36. Awesome Flash Giveaway. Thank you for the chance! ASPCA is one of my favorite charities plus American Red Cross they do so much for families in need.

  37. One of the ones I like is The Cat House on the Kings because they rescue cats and kittens and do not put any of the animals down. They rely on donations.

  38. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital is mine because i had a niece that had leukemia and they took good cared of her and our family. She died right before her 13th birthday.

  39. Any charity for MS is my favorite.
    I lost my brother to complications of MS. Way to young.
    I also love coloring books so I hope I win.
    The drawing is on my 🎂 birthday.

  40. I have a 4 way tie for my favorite charity…

    American Cancer Society. My Momma was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer at 42 in 1992. When she was diagnosed she was 1 of 10 known cases. She fought with everything in her until she lost that battle in 1998, 2 days after her 48th birthday. The ACS stepped in and handled everything through the end of her life … I can’t thank them or repay them enough.

    St. Jude’s Research Hospital…no family should ever have to face Cancer, especially a child with Cancer.

    American Diabetes Association, I have Diabetes…I am praying daily for a cure.

    Ronald McDonald House…my family learned first hand how amazing these places are. My nephew was born 9 1/2 weeks premature, the hospital was 3 hours from my sister. She stayed at the RMH and it was a burden lifted from our shoulders.

  41. I am a big fan of The Humane Society and the ASPCA. Really any animal related charity.

  42. My favorite charity is for the research of Cystic Fibrosis, because my best friend buried four children who passed away from the disease.

  43. My favorite charity is the Shrine Hospital. They do so much for children with birth defects and illnesses. They provide transportation to and from the hospital and accommodations for a family member to be with the child.

  44. My favorite charity is American Lung association because my father had lung cancer and passed from it and now my husband also has lung cancer. I also had two grandparents that died from lung cancer.

  45. I am a big supporter of the American Cancer Society and the Mayo Clinic. I have lost may relatives to various types of cancer. My baby sister has had to fight thyroid cancer twice. If it wasn’t for the Mayo Clinic we would have lost her.

  46. St. Jude childrens hospital why because they do so much for their patients and families

  47. My favorite charity is Juvenile Diabetes because my daughter has diabetes and it is a nasty disease/condition, Of course, Wounded Warrior is another of my favorites. There are so many worthy causes and its really hard to pick a favorite.

  48. American Diabetes Association – Father and sister died from complications of the disease. Brother and son are insulin dependent due to the disease. Hoping they find a cure in their lifetime.

  49. Salvation Army. In honor of my MIL. The money stays local and they give about whatever help is necessary. The CEO doesn’t receive an outrageous salary. More money on the dollar goes to assistance.

  50. There are so many great charities to choose from, but I would say the Red Cross. They help out with a wide variety of services and situations. They can be counted on to help.

  51. I have to agree with where the money is going… St. Jude is a wonderful organization!

  52. F*CK Cancer is one of my supporting charities. Not only do they use the money to help with cancer research etc., but they help to educate about cancers.

  53. Most people are probably going to name large organizations that are known nationally. While I admire many of the larger organizations and have donated to several in the past, my favorite charity is a small local one in my community. Power Connection offers food pantry services to anyone who needs it. They also have a resale shop, offer multiple classes (computer, forklift, resume writing, interview skills, etc) and actively assist in getting the community working again. This is the type of place that typically goes unnoticed but does so much good to the people that are in need of their help.

    • You’re right, Jenny, these little organizations do go unnoticed. But, thanks to you, we all know about this one and it’s wonderful.

  54. Relay for Life.We raise money for all kinds of cancer.My husband has prostate cancer,my Mothrr died last winter from an aggressive fotm ov liver cancer.We have friendd dealing with brain cancer,liver cancer,kidney cancer and leukemia.Cancer hits all ages and sexes.It id time for cure!

  55. Relay for life. We have a team called Jerry’s girls. He passed away 10 years ago..

  56. Animal Aid- I love animals and they deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and love. The animals suffer in silence, they can’t speak up for themselves. Animals are the most precious creatures God created.

  57. St. Jude’s!! 💜💜 Bless the children & that they get care and medical assistance they deserve!!

  58. St. Jude’s is my favorite charity and one that I donate to because they provide great care to families in need.

  59. My favorite charity is St. Jude’s because they provide care to children at no cost.

  60. Brenda Novak Diabetis charities, which raises money for treatment leading to a cure for the disease.

  61. My favorite charity is Wounded Warrior Project. I think that we owe our vets a great deal for defending our country.

  62. Avon’s,Breast cancer awareness, I lost my Mom to cancer and have battled it also.

  63. ST. Jude and Victory Junction are my two favorite human charities they both do so much for kids , my favorite animal charity is North Shore Animal league .

  64. Locally there is a group called New Directions Career Center which helps women wanting to enter or renter the work force with training and even professional clothes.

  65. Habitat for Humanity is my favorite charity. They give people a chance at being home owners.

  66. My favorite charity is Breast Cancer Awareness. I and my children, as well as my best friend, have been impacted by this disease. It’s devastating and no one should have to go through the pain and loss from it!

  67. My favorite charity is the Ronald McDonald House. They house sick children and their family while they receive medical treatment.

  68. My favorite charity is Habitat for Humanity. Everybody deserves a home.

    • I agree. Thank you. I was fortunate enough to be asked to work on a Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build a few years ago. Everything was done by women. The house turned out great and I still drive by often to take a look at it.

  69. My favorite Charity is Ronald McDonald House because when my niece was a baby they helped her and my sisters family with a place to stay when my niece was getting treatment. A wonderful charity.

  70. My favorite charity is Extra Life. It is a charity by gamers that benefits Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Once a year, we get together and play games for 24 hours to fundraise and all our proceeds go to the Children’s Miracle Network hospital of our selection. It is really cool because I have a CMN hospital locally so I get to see the impact we make in these children’s lives. It is an amazing thing to watch

  71. Its more of an organization, not so much a charity, but I’m going to say its The Lions Club. The reason behind it is because of my uncle… He was born blind, has had many eye surgeries as a child and into his adult life… The Lions Club paid for his special glasses, surgeries, and other things. He is also a member of the Lions Club… without them, I’m not sure what would have happened with him, but I sure am glad they are around…..

  72. Autism Speaks. I have an autistic child. This charity/organization brings information to the public eye. They help to advance research in Autism. They provide resources for families of Autistic children as well as to the child themselves. It is a great organization.

    “Autism does not define my child, but it’s part of who he is. When
    society understands this, then my life will be easier.” – Frances

  73. Childrens miracle network (UC davis children’s hospital is near us) is always something we donate to as well as March of Dimes – My son was born with a heart condition and was not supposed to survive the night – he is now 16 and doing fine – my grandson was born premature at 1lb 4oz he survived for over 4 months before he was taken from this world.. both organizations were such a tremendous support system for our families during these trying times and I know so many more who have received so much from them during their times of trial

  74. I’m torn because my favorite charity is really a couple of them! ASPCA because of their help to animals in need, 3 of my animals are rescues. Breast Cancer research because of my siste who passed from it, I don’t want anyone else to go through that. Autism research to help my nephew, lead a better life

  75. My favorite charity would be St Jude’s children. My heart is children and animals and St Jude’s and BARCS are my too Favorite !

  76. St Jude because NO child or family is turned away. They do amazing things.

  77. my favorite is St. Jude children’s hospital because they help for free the kids.

  78. Thank you so much! I love to color 🙂
    What a great cause, thank you for helping!!

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