Swedish Pancakes and Meatballs

We just love Swedish Pancakes.  So much so that when I make pancakes at home, Gene likes them super thin.  And, I do as well.  But, making just thinning out the batter just isn’t the same as a Swedish Pancake.  Eggs, beaten thoroughly are part of the process, more liquid (milk) than regular pancakes is the other.  I’ve still never had luck with them.  Then, I was saved when Gene found Al Johnson’s Swedish Pancake Mix in our local grocery store!  I made them for our family dinner and they were perfect. 

I found a video on you tube that shows exactly how they make them.  Check this out.  

So, I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe for you today, but this was our family dinner last week and it was good.  So, see if you can find the mix in your local store, or if you’re in Wisconsin, head on up to Door County and eat at Al Johnson’s.  In the summer, the goats are on the roof, and the kids love watching them.