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I’m super excited to share my cover for Ford with you.  Oh, and I have some super cool teasers too!  What do you think?  Have you pre-ordered Ford yet!!!!

Sometimes the flames of desire run hotter than a mere fire.

Ford Montgomery is working the case of his life. Trailing the arsonist who killed his parents, the former bounty hunter will soon make this guy pay for his crimes. After that, Ford plans to reclaim his house from his ex-wife and retire to his home in the mountains. 

Megan Marshal thought she’d ditched her ex husband, until she finds out the lying scumbag stole from a man nobody steals from. Megan has no clue where he is now, but the cartel is convinced she’s the key to getting their product back and they’re determined to make her talk.

When Ford rescues Megan from a burning building, their paths abruptly align. However, Ford keeps secrets from her, and she’s had enough of men and their secrets. Can they work together to accomplish their goals? Or will they get scorched by the blazing passion sparking between them?

How about an Excerpt?

Rummaging in the cupboards to find something to scrounge up for dinner he tried relaxing his jaw. If he kept it clamped tight like he was doing now, he’d end up with lock jaw, or arthritis or something equally awful. But, he was irritated that he was here, in this house, that he swore he wouldn’t come back to until it was his, completely, lock stock and barrel. Trouble was, when he tried to think of a safe place to keep Megan, this was the first place that came to mind. He knew it was safe, he’d built it with safety in mind.  In his line of work, it wasn’t uncommon for some of the people he had to locate to have angry family members or associates and he didn’t want to be taken unawares. Which reminded him. Walking to the desk in the corner of the living room, he unlocked the top drawer. Lifting the lid on the laptop he kept in there he waited for it to wake up, logged in, pulled up his security system. Turning all the cameras on and monitoring the entire property via closed circuit monitors, he went back to the kitchen to finish looking for something to eat. Tomorrow he’d have to see if Emmy could bring some food up here.

A few cans of soup, some crackers, and some cans of peaches would be lunch. Pretty bleak, maybe he’d call Emmy to bring supper up. Turning he spied the wine rack, ah things were looking up. Selecting a nice, full bodied red sangria, he set it on the counter as he pulled a pan from the drawer below the stove to heat the soup in. Setting to the task of pulling bowls and spoons from their respective spaces, he set their eating places at the counter. Wiping the dust from the wine glasses he set them in front of the bowls and opened the shallow drawer that held the wine opener.

Popping the cork from the top, Megan entered the kitchen, a soft smile on her face. “How long have you lived here?”

“About eleven years.”

She  walked to the french doors and looked out over the scenery. “But, you don’t live here now?”



“It’s a long story.” Pouring their glasses of wine. “It’s also temporary.”

She turned toward him, crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him. “Where do you live since you’re not living here?”

He took a deep breath. Figures she’d want to know all about him. He didn’t usually share much of his life. Still too much up in the air.

“I have a little cottage down the mountain by my sister’s house. I stay there when I’m not working.”

He watched her move toward him, the sun streaming in the French doors perfectly outlined her body in those tight jeans and pink t-shirt. Purely sexy from head to toe.  He’d bet she didn’t even know it. Her full breasts jiggled as she walked and his mouth went dry. It’d been far too long. Unfortunately he hadn’t thought this through completely.  Staying here with her just might be harder than he thought.

“So, you work so much you have a house in the mountains you don’t want to live in because it’s a long story so you stay in the cabin down by your sister. And then you go to work. Is that about right?”


She chuckled. “Well, I don’t know how I’m going to get any peace here what with you talking so much and all.”

Turning to the stove, he stirred the soup, twisted the knob on the stove to turn the burner off and filled both of their bowls.

“Vegetable soup and crackers and wine. It’s not much, but it’s all I have. I’ll call Emmy to bring up some food later. I also have some meat in the freezer downstairs that I can thaw if Emmy’s busy.”

He sat next to her at the counter and they began eating in silence. Or so he thought.

“What does Emmy do for a living?”

“She’s a defense attorney. A damn good one too.”

“Is your whole family involved with criminals?”

He chuckled, “Nah, just Emmy and me. Dawson is a plumber and owns his own company. He deals in shit, just not the same kind as Emmy and I.”

She giggled. “That’s a good one.”

“So tell me about Waylon. Why did you marry a piece of scum like him to begin with?”

She bit into a cracker and stared straight ahead. “Gosh damn, but isn’t that the million dollar question right now? I’ve been kicking myself since the first year.”

She sipped her wine and he watched her swallow, the graceful curve of her neck, her unblemished skin, her auburn hair looked thick and shiny and he wanted to touch it. Run his fingers through its softness. Tuck the strands that had escaped her ponytail behind her delicate ear.

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