Too much?

March 19, 2018 – How much is too much? We know repetition is important to remember things. That’s why we see the same commercials over and over again. But, how much is too much? What’s your favorite ad and what’s your least favorite ad. (Can be television, radio, billboards.)

I’m always worried about posting too much on social media.  I think this comes from the whole Facebook Jail phenomenon.  Suddenly people were being banned from Facebook for days or weeks for arbitrary things, some legitimate, many not. But that called to light the fact that posting something I think it funny and others don’t can, in fact, get you kicked off social media for an arbitrary time which Facebook decides.  

So, we as authors have had to come up with different and varied ways to post our shout outs about our new books or covers without going to jail.

The same with television ads, though they don’t get kicked off television (but at election time I sure wish they would). Advertisers have learned that they must get our attention by changing their ads out just about the time we’re so sick of that same ad running we want to throw the television out the window.  It seems about every 2 months or so a new ad will come from the same advertiser and that will catch my attention. Then, after the tenth time or so I begin to ignore the ad and after the twentieth time I’ve about had it. (These timings are not studied and they vary depending on how much I liked the ad to begin with.)

My favorite ads at this time are the All State Mayhem ads.  Gosh I love that guy and they ring a bit of truth to our everyday lives.  Here’s a compilation I found on You Tube. nbsp;

How about you? What ads catch your attention?

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  1. I’ve caught one or two of the mayhem commercials. They aren’t bad compared to most of the ads on these days.

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