GHOST – what’s this all about?

Since I’ve started writing about GHOST, I’ve had a couple readers comment, and I agree, that there should be a manual for GHOST. Something that explains the agency, and introduces the characters.

Tell me, is this something you’d like to see? What would you like included in the manual? Should it be called a manual? Tell me what you think about this idea below.

23 thoughts on “GHOST – what’s this all about?”

  1. maybe a little bit about the agency itself, but more about the employees that work there.

  2. I like to know a little history of the man that runs the agency. I also like to know if the team’s are of the same military background…. All seals? A team before? All rangers? A mix of all? Where did they get their previous training? What made them leave the military ( in a general sense)

  3. I would love to see something that explains GHOST. where I work, we call our training manuals “Playbooks”.

  4. It should be called a great guide – just saying. A brief synopsis of each worker and their specialty at the end 😉📚

  5. I think you should include a history of the company and a little about each person and what they do. Call it a guide book or handbook

  6. I think just a page or two of definitions after the table of contents is sufficient. Repeat it in each book. I don’t think a manual is necessary. That means I would have to toggle between story and manual throughout reading and that would inevitably pull my head out of the story.

  7. Instead of a manual perhaps a book written in the pov of the starter of the agency (the origin of why and how it came about). Have character or two that could be brought up in other books or reserrected later.

  8. Legend , I think, should be the term, rather than manual.
    Depends on how convoluted the story line and how many in the series.

  9. Too much background info can bore some readers. I’d give a brief overview in the books, and then maybe make a companion booklet as an extra bonus, maybe as a preorder perk or something like that. Or if you just want to make it accessible, then put it on your site and have a link at the back of each book. But it sounds like a great series. 💕

  10. Manual would be perfect. That would encompass everything about Ghost!! And maybe a few little secrets about it too, heehee

  11. I love the idea of a playbook or manual for GHOST and it’s men/women.

  12. I like the idea. One of the other comments mentioned that their company calls it a playbook, which I think is better than manual.

  13. It would be good to know more about the people that work there and a back ground of the place and how it started.

  14. Who founded it? Who do they report to? Just some background info on the main base.

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