Holding Hadleigh is here!

Today is release day and as usual and with most authors, it’s a day of excitement and anxiety. I’m excited about sending my book baby out into the world for readers to enjoy and I have anxiety about how readers will embrace, or not, my new book baby. Not to mention that sad, pathetic mean girls who will need to bash it out in the world, there are always one or two who feel more important when putting someone down – we all know at least one.

But, I release Holding Hadleigh with a smile on my face and love in my heart because I love Donovan and Hadleigh and I think they are a great couple. Individually, Donovan and everything you want in a hero – he’s handsome, smart, protective of his woman and he embraces his job with his whole heart. He believes one-thousand percent in what RAPTOR is doing and he’ll stop at nothing to complete his missions with positive outcomes. That’s just who Donovan is.

Hadleigh comes at her job with a different perspective. She also wants to protect children, but her life took her the route of social services. She felt that she could do her best job by being a good social worker and vetting families she places children in. Then, she meets Donovan and Charly and she realizes, things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes that is dangerous.

They learn to work together – though it wasn’t always easy. It would be boring if it were. 😆

As always, I have a team of people to thank for helping me release Holding Hadleigh into the world.

So, thank you to:

Eric McKinney of 612 Photography for the fantastic photo of Mark, (my “Donovan”) for the cover.

Stacy Garcia of Graphics by Stacy, for taking my vision of Donovan and Eric’s photo and creating a cover that fits RAPTOR.

April Bennett – The Editing Soprano, for her copy edits.

Judy Rosen for polishing those edits and my story to a shine.

Beta Readers – Kim and Yvonne – you ladies are the best.

PJ Fiala’s Road Queens – my reader group who help me name characters and places – thank you all so much for your input, creativity and simply your presence in the Road Queens. You make it the first place I check in the morning and the last place I check each night just to converse and have fun. You all make the Road Queens a happy place to be.

My PA – Julie. I love working with you Julie. You have a confidence and spark and level-headedness about you that I rely on and appreciate. Thank you.

Thank you to my readers. You’ve shown me with each release how much you enjoy my books and please know how much I appreciate you. #ReadersRule

Of course, last but not least by any means – my family, who without you I could not chase my dreams and catch the sometimes elusive little demons. I love you all so very much.

Holding Hadleigh is NOW available!!!!! Did you get your copy? – – > Holding Hadleigh < – – One click there.

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