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Sydney Aaliyah Michelle:

Hope: A Sports Romance: The Complete Hope Series Boxed Set

Hope Series

Hope for Her – Book #1
What do you HOPE for?
Josh is on his last chance to live up to his families obligations, but he meets a girl that his father won’t approve.
Carrington wants to feel special and Josh’s attention is exactly what she craves.
Their volatile relationship has Josh questioning their connection while Carrington develops feeling for someone else, but they aren’t ready to give up hope.
What happened towards the end, I wasn’t expecting. As I read, I was feeling all kinds of emotions …” Paranormal Yours Book Club R&R

Hope for Him – Book #2
What do you HOPE for now?
Carrington is ready to be with the man of her dreams.
Jackson has moved on in need of a more normal life.
After an epic night, they know their life will never be normal again.
Can Carrington and Jackson find their way back to each other or will their past continue to tear them apart?
“I want more!!! It just keeps getting better and better!” Heather Driscoll

Hope for Us – Book #3
What do you HOPE for still?
Carrington’s past haunts her around every corner. A move to Arizona will give her much needed distance.
Jackson is one mediocre season away from being a bust in the NFL. A trade to Arizona with no distractions is what he needs to turn his career around.
Carrington and Jackson are back tougher again.
Are they ready to admit, they have no hope without each other?
“Their story came together beautifully and they finally got their HEA.” Barb Online Book Club

Hope for Us All

Newly engaged, Carrington and Jackson are planning a wedding, but they have to get through Christmas with the family first.
Carrington wants to start their own family traditions, but with a husband who’s currently the most famous man in the sports world, a billionaire baby granddaddy and her family and future in-laws fighting for most involved parents of the year, Carrington and Jackson struggle to find a normal for their first family Christmas.
Fame, Family & Fortune are supposed to be good things, right?

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