How to make a leather cuff bracelet


This week on Open Book Blog Hop we are sharing a tutorial.  I thought I would share how to make a leather cuff bracelet.

I began with strips of leather I purchased at a craft store.  It wasn’t expensive and it was fairly easy to use.  This particular leather is brown in color and about 1 1/2 inches wide.  I cut a strip that was 8 1/2 inches long.  This is a measurement that fits my wrist, so you should measure to make sure it will fit you.  I measured my wrist, plus added length for the size of my fastener (snap) twice because of the over-lap. (I am working on a cutting board).  I’ve tapered both ends so it is more comfortable to wear and also so the edges won’t roll over after repeated wearing.

I’ve chosen a design I like and this one happens to come in a pre-made package with a sticky back.


Apply the decoration to the leather strip.  (This particular decoration is made to adhere to leather and all fabrics.)


I’ve added crystals in between the copper studs.

Select your fastener.  I’m using magnetic fasteners here that will go through and fold over on the back side.  They work just like a snap. 


Cutting two slits through the leather for the fastener to slid through, attached the fastener, push through the leather and fold over on the back side.



Cover fastener with a decorative crystal or other decoration you prefer.  (I added a little leather jacket decoration) Finished product.


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