Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking
Spotlight on Courage

We all know that courage comes in many forms. This year, I will write about courage each Thursday hopefully showing all the forms that courage takes.

This past weekend, Gene and I were on the road and stayed in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for a book signing. In the evening on Saturday, we had finished all of our tasks and decided to enjoy some quiet at the hotel. While scrolling through the channels, we came across the movie, The Theory of Everything, the story of Stephen Hawkings.
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I just want to say, even if you aren’t into science or mathematics, you should see this movie. Just to know a bit more about the life of this genius is engrossing. I’ve always loved true life stories about people we have heard about over the course of time, but I didn’t know much about Professor Hawking. The trials he has lived, the pain and suffering he has endured, and yet, he stays positive and forward thinking. He proves theories and then works to disprove them.

What was more interesting to me and what I believe speaks of the man he is, even though wheelchair bound and usually unable to lift his head from his shoulders, Mr. Hawking found a way to be a father and play with his children by giving them wheelchair rides and playing chase while in his chair. He found a way. He states in one of his speeches, “However bad life may seem, while there is life, there is hope.” He has lived that statement to this day.

Professor Hawking is now 74 years old. At 21 when he was diagnosed with ALS, he was given two years to live. “However bad life may seem, while there is life, there is hope.” Isn’t that the truth?

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