It’s Black Friday!

So, I’m not sure if you’re a shopper on Black Friday where you just love running in the crowds and grabbing all the deals, or if you’re like me and you hide at home and browse online, but for either type of shopper you are, I’ve got some great deals for you.

I’ve joined up with some of my military romance author friends to offer you some fantastic deals on the military romance you love to read.

I’ve included Ford, Bounty Hunter Book One in this sale and if you haven’t read it, here’s your chance to get it for only .99 cents!

Don’t miss out cause this sale only lasts through Cyber Monday, then it’s gone. So, grab your marked down books while this sale is in full swing, and bonus, you don’t have to fight anyone in the stores for your favorite copies, just click and read.

Abbie Zanders
• Dangerous Secrets REG: 99c, SALE: free
• Letting Go REG: 2.99, SALE: free
• Seizing Mack REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c

PJ Fiala
• Ford REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Cat Johnson
• Saved by a SEAL REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c
• SEALed at Midnight REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c

Donna Michaels
• Mac REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c
• Wyne and Dine REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c
• Knights SEAL REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c

Lynne St. James
• A Solider’s Gift (Beyond Valor Series, Book 1) REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Lindsay Cross
• Wild Fury REG: 5.99, SALE: free
• Resurrection River REG: 4.99, SALE: free
• Reckless River REG: 4.99, SALE: free

Desiree Holt
• Raw Edge of Danger REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
• Lethal Design REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
• Mission Control REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c

Cristin Harber
• Delta: Retribution REG: 2.99, SALE: free
• Hart Attack REG: 3.99, SALE: free
• Locke and Key REG: 3.99, SALE: free

Teresa Reasor
• Breaking Point REG: 1.99, SALE: free
• Breaking Out REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

JM Madden
• Genesis REG: 99c, SALE: free
• Chaos REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c
• Destruction REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c
• Retribution REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c

KaLyn Cooper
• A Love Never Forgotten REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c
• Unrelenting Love: Lady Hawk & Alex REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c
• SEAL in a Storm REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Becca Jameson
• Hot SEAL, Australian Nights REG: 3.99, SALE: TBD

Trish Loye
• Edge of the Season REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
• Edge of Fury REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Enjoy and thank you in advance for your support!

30+ military romance titles on sale now!  More than 50% off – some free.  Grab some gold today.  Sale only good through Cyber Monday!