Sales, New Covers, Fun things in the works.

As 2023 begins, I’ve been busy. Let’s start from the beginning. Sales My GHOST Box Set One is on sale for only .99 cents. That’s three books for less than a dollar! Wow! The sale is over next week so don’t miss out. When the only team that can handle the job, is the one …

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Love can find you, even when you’re not looking.

With this the week of Valentine’s and all things love, my book of the week is Moving to Desire. Gunnar knows he’s tired of meaningless sex, like anything, even that can get old. A chance meeting introduces him to Emma, who just moved back home after a bad break-up. But, Gunnar has a lot going on – his parents are having a baby, his biological father dies and a box of pictures holds danger and clues to things that should have been left in the past.

Gluten Free Over-night Holiday Breakfast Casserole

I’d like to introduce myself;  My name is Mrs. James and I’m the cook at the GHOST compound.  I’d tell you more, but I’m under strict orders not to say more than is needed.  BUT, I can share some of my recipes, which PJ said I could do.   It doesn’t have to be a holiday …

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How do you read?

I’m giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!  All you need to do to enter is answer a question. That seems easy, right? Each month I’ll be giving away a prize. The winner will only be announced in my newsletter the following month, so please make sure to check your emails …

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I would like to introduce you to Jax.

The next book in my Bounty Hunters series is Dodge. I’m still writing Dodge, but it’s close to finished. And, you can pre-order your copy to wake up with Dodge on January 22, 2019 right here!  But, in the meantime, how about we meet Jax, the smart, sassy and oh-so-tough heroine?  I like her, she’s …

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