Let’s celebrate Moving Home!

It’s live and I’m excited to share the news.  

JT and Kayden’s move home is anything but boring.  But then again, things seldom are in their lives.  

Let’s celebrate the release of Moving Home by giving away a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card and a PJ Fiala eBook of the winner’s choice.  

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Moving Home, you can do that right here:

PJ’s eStore: http://PJFiala.com/Books/MH-PJ
Amazon: http://PJFiala.com/Books/MH-Amazon
Barnes & Noble: http://PJFiala.com/Books/MH-BN
Kobo: http://PJFiala.com/Books/MH-Kobo
iBooks: http://PJFiala.com/Books/MH-iB
Google Play: http://www.pjfiala.com/Books/MH-Google

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  1. Debra PackerDebra Packer

    This sounds amazing!

    July 17, 2018

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