Look at my new decal!


I’m super excited about this new decal.  I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while, but simply wasn’t sure if I wanted something along the lines of a body wrap for my car or the decal in the window.  Then, my son’s friend, Jason, posted on Facebook that he was now making window decals.  I messaged him and asked him how big he could make them.  He gave me the dimensions of how big he could make them and I returned with the dimensions of my back window.  I figured I’d start there and see if I liked how it looked.


He created the decal in a couple of days and I was too excited to wait, but unfortunately, I had to.  Finally I was able to find fifteen minutes and set out to get my decal on my window.  

I cleaned the window first with regular window cleaner.  Then, I positioned the decal on the window to find the perfect spot.  I taped it in place and The Biker and I both gave our thumbs up before doing anything else on it.  

Slowly, we began peeling the backing off, sticking it to the window.  The Biker had an old credit card that he hadn’t thrown away (they can come in handy) and I pressed it onto the window with the card, making sure to get the entire surface, especially the little curly-cues and edges.  

Once it was all smoothed out, we began removing the top layer, exposing my gorgeous decal.  The result?  Perfection!!!!  

Care Instructions:  The thing with this sticker is that it’s on the outside.  Living in Wisconsin, that means no scraping the windows in the wintertime.  I have heated windows, so it just means I’ll need to brush off excess snow and then wait for the heater to warm the windows so the snow melts.  Other than that, the cost was low, so if I have to replace the decal once per year, it’s certainly worth it.  The added exposure I will get from this is priceless, though certainly difficult to track, but since I’m driving around anyway, I may as well utilize all marketing avenues I have.  I’ve also asked my fan group if any of them would be interested in putting a sticker on their cars and a few have answered yes, so that will broaden my reach.