Common Writing Mistakes

As writers, we’re also readers. What is a common mistake you see in many books? Offer suggestions for making a change. 

This is one of the things that made me believe I could be an author.  I read a lot, at my peek, about a book every couple of days.  Like any reader, I’d find an author I loved and read every book they wrote.  Sometimes, twice.

I found an author who’s stories I enjoyed and I was reading through her series.  But, I found mistake after mistake.  Keep in mind, this is a traditionally published author, and all I could think of was how many people did this book go through to make it to market?  In chapter 1, the heroine’s eyes were sparkling blue.  By chapter 10, they were crackling green.  Later in the book they shifted back to blue.  I’m a visual reader, meaning I love to visualize what I think the characters I’m reading about look like.  I was pissed off with this book and decided then and there that I’d be able to do this.  Without a doubt.  I’m careful about my character descriptions and keep a bible sheet on their looks, favorite sayings, character quirks, etc.  

What are some of the mistakes you’ve come across?


4 thoughts on “Common Writing Mistakes”

  1. That would make me crazy! I need to start a bible for my books. I’ve tried a couple of times but never got very far.

  2. I call mine a continuity chart, but it’s the same idea. Epic fantasies are complicated and that helps keep me straight.

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