Look What I Bought

This past weekend there was a big gun show in Green Bay. Now they’ve been here before, but for one reason or another we never went. I’ve had my concealed carry permit for two years now. We practice at the range and I’m comfortable but cautious with my gun, but I’ve never carried it around. Why? I didn’t have a comfortable way to carry it.

With recent happenings in our country and the world I decided this was the year I was going to figure out a way to carry my gun in a safe but comfortable manner. This weekend I found it. I had seen this on the internet before but without being able to try it on, I hadn’t taken the steps to purchase it. I went to the gun show for the single purpose of looking for a holster that I would like.

I found the Can Can Concealment, LLC products and I fell in love. I was able to try it on and speak to the sales person who was an expert with the product. She explained how to wear it, wash it, put it on and take it off. Most importantly, she explained in detail how to properly place my gun in the holster and take it out. Finger off the trigger please.

I’m a fan of these products and I’ve been wearing it ever since and I find it comfortable and safe. I bought the hip hugger “She Bang” and the corset but I’ll be buying more. Take a look at their products for yourself and let me know what you think. Have you already purchased one of their products? Tell me which one and how you like it.