Musical Inspiration

This week we’re talking about how music inspires our writing.  I’m not sure about specific inspiration, though music inspires me greatly.  

When I write there needs to be some background for me to drown out the other things that can interrupt me.  That means cars that happen down our street, dogs barking, sirens, etc.  Those things can interrupt my flow more than the stereo or television in the background.  We have music on all day at home and it becomes something I need to have to focus.  Without it (or the television) the stillness of the house seems too stark.

Another way music inspires me is that when I’m stuck for words or scenarios, music can be what moves me forward.  Either words or phrases in a particular song, or the tone/tempo of the song can jog loose anything that needs that particular stumbling block.  An example?  When putting my characters through the paces, for instance a break up or some “time apart”, listening to break up songs or songs about broken hearts can put me in the mood.  I suppose that seems sad, but, it can be my muse.

Does music inspire you?  Tell me how then let’s hop on over and see what my fellow bloggers think about music as an inspiration.  


7 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration”

  1. Ha ha, I’m exactly the opposite to you Patti. I find background music too distracting, although am not bothered by cars going past or dogs barking.

  2. I like music without lyrics (or understandable lyrics) when I write, although I’m not usually distracted by house or neighborhood noises or silence. It’s just that certain tunes can influence certain moods and that really helps with the flow of writing.

  3. I like when I’m home alone and the TV is off and my brain shuts out all the background noises. Doesn’t happen very often.

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