RAGT 22 is in the books

What makes a successful reader / author get together? It takes lots of readers ready to have fun. It takes authors willing to sponsor fun and games. It takes an organizer who knows what he/she is doing. 

Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together combines all of those. This is an extremely well organized event. I’ve been impressed since my first year. Everything runs smooth. The volunteers know how to keep things rolling and it all works fantastically.

The readers – what can I say? There were 450 readers with big smiles on their faces and open arms for hugs. They love talking about books. They love playing games about books. They love crafting and playing games and enjoying whatever we brought to them. And they had fun.

That brings me to the authors. Wow! 50 authors brought their A game. Every second of every day was filled with fun and energy and it was all brought with love.

Do I have a regret? Just one. Sylvia Day was in attendance and I could not bring myself to go and meet her. She’s my ‘fan girl’ crush and I couldn’t do it. But, next time I will for sure introduce myself. That’s my promise to me.

I’ve got some pictures below for you. I didn’t take as many as I wanted to. But, I did get some.  

10 thoughts on “RAGT 22 is in the books”

  1. Beautiful pictures Patti, and I think you should have met Sylvia Day, I was fan girly when I met her at BLC last December, she was AMAZING and she loved my fudge too,

    • Well, I don’t know who wouldn’t love your fudge!!!! I’ll make myself meet her the next time I’m at the same place she is.

  2. Thanks for the comment about the fudge, I’m bringing more to knockout bookbash next month, and I’m so excited to see you again

  3. Sylvia Day was so lovely and gracious. I am sure she would have been with you also. Remind me when we meet up next, I will gift you one of my canvas totes with her signature. I will put it in my suitcase today….

    • Oh, you are too kind. She’s been a favorite of mine for ever!!!!! I know that’s why she was there, but still I felt awkward taking up her time with readers (which I am) to meet with her as an author. Silly and a missed opportunity for sure.

      • I told her I was giving it to a reader fan. So she wrote a message all over the tote. Since you are a reader fan of hers, I will give it to you. It is already in my suitcase for WOTR, so I won’t forget it.

  4. The evenat as a blast. Loved hanging out with you , Val and Heather! The boardroom was great! Glad you guys had fun and that you, being an author, have issues fangirling just like us readers. I enojoyed all the time I spent with the authors and readers. Met some fun new people, Hi Julie! and actually won a raffle prize which NEVER EVER happens!!! Missed out on the road queens pic but thats OK since I got to learn more about you, and the other ladies! Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Thank you Alisa. It was great hanging out with you too. We fangirl like everyone else!
      Next year Val and I are teaming up with TJ Logan and boy do we have some fun things planned for you all. It’s going to kick ass!

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