Did Lincoln find his mark?

When I began writing Big 3 Security I had something different in mind for the books. I had thought of them to be gritty and narly. As I wrote them, I couldn’t get that feel for the characters. And, actually none of my characters are gritty or narly. I do believe it’s largely because in my real life, I don’t know many people who are crusty. That’s not to say I don’t know people who are rough around the edges, or swear too much, or will say anything that pops into their minds. But, at their core, these folks are all good people. So are my characters.

So, I’ve settled for allowing my characters to be as they are – slightly imperfect, a bit rough around the edges, but people you’d enjoy spending time with and getting to know. After giving this a lot of thought, I’m happy about this fact. My characters are all people who have had tough things happen to them in their lives, but they don’t let that harden them to the point of turning them into assholes. They’ve built walls around themselves in some cases. They’ve avoided romantic entanglements in some cases. But, they’re still great folks to be around.

Lincoln is no exception. He served his country well. Married and divorced and decided marriage maybe wasn’t for him. He then went on to a successful career and decided to be happy. And he was, until he met Skye. Skye called to him in many ways. Gorgeous of course, but smart, yet she needed help. She was in a situation that Lincoln knew could put her in danger and the protector part of him couldn’t let that be. Then he got to know her and her family and he couldn’t stop the bonds that built themselves.

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