Recipe Round Up

I’ve been attending the Writer’s Police Academy this past week and haven’t been cooking.  My family is rather happy about that, because I’ve chattered on non-stop about the class I took on poisons found in everyday places.  So, I suppose cooking right after that or eating my food right ]]>

I go to All Recipes for most of my newer recipes, and that’s where these come from.  I have tried them and found them to be very tasty.  Also, since it’s early morning for me, I’m focusing on breakfast, so let’s get our days started with some delicious goodness, shall we?  

Grab and Go Breakfast Cups

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Sister Schubert’s Breakfast Bake


Breakfast Pizza

I hope you find some joy in these recipes. If you do and want to share your experience with them, please let me know.  When we share with each other, we grow!