Rocky Mountain High, part 5

As you can tell, this Colorado vacation was pretty epic and if I’ve used the word “epic” before, it’s because I don’t have a better descriptor.  

Th beauty of the mountains is all you’ve heard from people over time.  The majesty of the mere size of the mountains is awe inspiring.  To be able to ride around, over and on the mountains is a privilege we won’t soon forget.  We’ve ridden in many states and seen awe-inspiring places on our riding journey, but Colorado just kept giving.

We had a couple little issues along the way, a flat tire on one of the trucks, an air bubble in a clutch and a broken throttle cable. But over ten days, that is minor and to be expected.

During our last leg of the journey we stayed in the Telluride area, more specifically Mountain Village, I’ve included pictures of the house below, kind of spectacular.  

We rode through Telluride, Ouray and Silverton on this day.

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Silverton was my favorite on this day. The old train was cool, though we didn’t ride on it. The worlds highest Harley Davidson dealership is there, though it’s only a clothing depot, but we bought souvenirs from there, because, you know – Harley. We ate at Thee Pitts, which had an amazing smoked pork sandwich. Yum.

The following day we rode through Naturita, heading to Gateway.  Of course we hit a bit of road construction, but it wasn’t horrible.  Found a ball diamond in the middle of nowhere and the last hotdog for 42 miles (on a sign outside of a gas station).  We turned around and went back to the house in Telluride, cleaned up and hit Telluride in the evening, accessible to us by a tram taking us over some awesome homes, a concert and gorgeous views.

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Finally, we ended our trip at Colorado Springs.  Most of the group rode up to Pikes Peak, but a few of us decided Mount Evans we enough for us and stayed back.  From what those brave riders have said, the road was much better than Evan’s the scenery a bit better because there wasn’t the cloud cover we had before but it was much more commercial.  After that, vacation was over and we made the journey back, thankfully, uneventful.  

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  1. I got cut off at the end…. Check it out for yourselves. Because until you stand beside a mountain looking up or look upon the natural rock formations of the canyon or artworks nature has created inside a cavern you can never understand how it takes your breath away how it can make a non believer reconsider for a moment. Seeing it on a tv screen or in pictures while amazing it just can’t begin to touch the magnitude of seeing it in person for yourself or to look at it through the eyes of the ones you love.

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