Ryleigh Rhodes talks about being a Jarhead

I’ve known Ryleigh for a number of years now, though we’ve only chatted online.  She’s bright, dedicated, a strong supporter of what is right and a great momma to her mini-me.  She’s also a great author and I’ve read all of her books and enjoy them very much.  I hope you’ll take the chance to read her books as I think you’ll enjoy them.  And, now, I’ll let Ryleigh take it from here.


First I want to say Happy 241st Birthday to the Marine Corps! Oorah! 
Being an Author is a more of a therapeutic hobby, and I wish I had more time to devote to my writing. I haven’t released a book in a while, but I promise I am writing in my very limited free time! I’m a veteran, and single parent. I just finished my Bachelors degree earlier this year, and am now attempting to take on the LSAT. Growing up on a cattle ranch, agriculture is in my blood and something I strive to get back to once my educational goals are completed. It’s easy to write about what you know and love. Agriculture and my experience in the military play a large role in my books.

My senior year of high school 9/11 happened. My grandmother had served in the Marine Corps during World War II. Which played a significant role in why I picked the Marine Corps. Several people didn’t think I would make it through boot camp, including my own father. If that’s not the kind of motivation that drives someone to succeed I don’t know what is. During my enlistment, I met a lot of great people, some assholes, man whores, and some jarheads that were literally almost as dumb as a box of rocks. There’s a reason they call us Jarheads.

In my plethora of jobs, and trust me I’ve had a wide variety, I’ve yet to find an occupation that has the camaraderie of the Corps. It’s a family that I love. Several of my brothers and sisters are honorary Aunts/Uncles to my child. I wish I didn’t have to travel to be able to see half of them. It’s hard seeing your family struggle with PTSD, drug addiction, alcoholism, the list really goes on.

There are several great charities that do amazing things for Veterans. I am proud to be a part of this box set with so many remarkable authors. The Semper Fi Fund is one of many Veterans Charities that I support. I’m so glad these ladies reached out to me, and allowed me to participate.

Author Bio:

Ryleigh grew up in Texas and enlisted in the military after high school. After traveling the world she came back stateside and started a new chapter in her life. When she isn’t crafting with words she can often be found outdoors with her toddler or be found reading a good book and eating dark chocolate.
Email: ryleigh.rhodes@gmail.com

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Small town Texan Claire enlisted in the Marine Corps, survived an IED in Iraq, went through rigorous physical therapy, and made it through med school. After she thought she had endured it all, she had to cope with the loss of her beloved husband and struggle to rebuild her life and raise their twins. Her friends rally around, but it’s up to Claire to pick up the pieces and open herself up to love and to truly live once again.

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  1. After 9/11 I vowed to make sure I lived my life. Every year I try to do one thing that I is out of my comfort zone

  2. I wasn’t gonna let what happen scare me. I was suppose to go to Vegas that day but before we booked I pushed it a week and went the week after 9/11 even though everyone was saying not to go. I was a little scared and it was my first time ever flying.

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