Ch, ch, ch, changes

Open Book StampWelcome to Open Book Blog Hop.  This week we’re talking about change.  How do you feel about it, what are some big changes you’ve undergone, what are some changes you’d like to make or that you see coming?

Change is inevitable and in today’s world happens faster than ever.  With the advent of technology we have news faster than a newspaper can print it.  My husband and I used to get up each morning and read the paper while we drank our coffee before we headed out to make our way in the world each day.  About three years ago, we sat at the kitchen table, reading the paper and the news reporter was telling us a story, which, was exactly what we were reading in the paper.  But, we continued getting the paper because one of the things we did read was the obituaries.  (That’s a different story for another day.)  But, soon, what we realized was even Facebook kept us largely informed on the passings of the family of friends. So, we cancelled our subscription. But, I digress.

All this happened because of change.  Change in how we receive information.  And that change happens all the time.  Twenty years ago, we would have thought a person was crazy if they told you you’d be carrying a computer in your pocket or purse or on your wrist.  See?  For many of us, even the presidential election results were seen as they happened.  We didn’t have to wait for the newspaper the following morning.  Thirty years ago, that was how we received that information.

Other changes that occur or have occurred?  Kids, jobs, change in jobs, neighbors come and go, moving to a new house or neighborhood, the passing of a loved one, the birth of a new one. Some changes have more impact on us than others, but change is constant.

Like wise, businesses have to change when trends change.  This sometimes proves to be harder than it seems, not to mention the cost of making even minor changes is a company and getting each employee on board.  I’ve worked in large corporations and they can be slow moving trains.  

I’m fortunate in that change doesn’t bother me as much as some of my friends and family.  I’ve understood from a young age that its something we may as well embrace, because it will always be.  That doesn’t mean I look for change or always enjoy it, but I do accept it as a part of my life and learn to deal.  And, many times good things can happen when we change.


How do you feel about change?  What was your hardest change to make?

Let’s hop on over and see what some of my friends have to say about change.



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  1. Good attitude toward change. There are change that sometimes needs to be fought because it’s wrong-headed or injurious to someone, but in many cases, acceptance makes change tolerable and even at times beneficial.

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