Saving Shelby is Live!

A few days ago I shared the first chapter of Saving Shelby. I hope you enjoyed it and preordered your copy. If you didn’t preorder, it’s live today so grab it while it’s hot!

As with every release, I want to thank those who helped to make this book possible, it really does take a village.

First, the cover photo is by the uber talented Eric McKinney of 612 Photography. Eric’s photos are outstanding and I love this picture of JD, the model. Also a big shout out to JD.

Second, my cover designer, Stacy Garcia of Graphics by Stacy. Her tag line is, “I create epic shit.” and she really does. Thank you Stacy.

My editor, April Bennett, thank you April for your patience in taking this project on. You shape my stories up beautifully.

My beta readers are such an enormous help to me and I thank each and every one of you – Yvonne Cruz, Kimberly Brougher and Judy Wagner. Thank you ladies for putting the final shine on this pretty penny.

Always I thank my family for their encouragement, support, assistance and cheers as I release each and every book baby into the world. This has been a life-long dream for me and to be able to continue writing because of your help and assistance, means the world to me.

Last but certainly not least, our men and women in uniform who are serving or who have served our great nation. Freedom isn’t free. It’s because of these selfless men and women that we are free. Thank you!

Finally, I read an article a couple years ago about a secret group of men and women who were wounded serving our country and the government started a program to retrain them to help combat the child traffickers, molestors, pornographers and pedophiles of all kinds in our world. I thought about that story for such a long time and the children and families that are ravaged by this insidious crime. These men and women saving the children from this wretched life are true heroes. This is where my RAPTOR series began. Each of the men and women associated with RAPTOR is doing their part to save children from a life of horrors and abuse, despite their wounds and different abilities. I hope you appreciate my RAPTOR characters as much as I do, and thank you for reading Saving Shelby!

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