Strawberry Surge and a HOT Bartender

This week I’m excited to introduce you to Taylor Anne, a fabulous author and great person.  She also brought drinks, well a drink recipe that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  Take it away Taylor.

Strawberry Surge at Gracies’ Place

Kayla Boudreaux is a feisty woman who doesn’t give in to anyone. Not even the overbearing, hot as hell, Colton Ford. Their interaction begins when she decides to prepare her signature drink – behind his bar. Words and sparks fly when he confronts her. Here’s what she told me regarding this.

Taylor: “Why did you do it, Kayla?”

Kayla: “Well, I hadn’t yet met the hottie, Colton. And since the bar was so busy, I decided to serve our table without bothering the bartender.”

Taylor: “Wow. I bet he was fuming.”

Kayla: “He’s so sexy when he’s angry.”

Taylor: “What did he do?”

Kayla: “I was making and serving the drinks to his customers, so he allowed it. Of course, he had the biggest scowl on his face all night.”

Taylor: “Colton sounds interesting.”

Kayla: “Infuriating is more like it.” She smiled and touched the ring on her finger. “And interesting, especially after the bar shuts down.”

Taylor: “Hmmm… I will leave that comment alone.”

Kayla winked, leaving me wondering about Colton Ford.

~~~ Besides the battle of cocktails – brides, bars, and hearts are on the line in BRIDE INTERRUPTED.

strawberry surge

Strawberry Surge

  • 1 bottle sparkling moscato
  • 6 cups lemonade
  • 1/2 cup of strawberry vodka
  • You can use frozen strawberry slices instead of ice cubes
  • Splash or two Cranberry juice (shhhh…. That’s the secret)
  • Pour all ingredients into blender. Let it roar…. Garnish with lime slices. For an extra kick, line the rim of the glass with salt.


And now enjoy a teaser of Bride Interrupted:

With a move to Florida, Kayla plans to change things up a bit. Grandpa’s beach bar would be a fantastic place to please her demanding brides. Beach locale, drinks, and food? Perfect.

Only, a few things stand in her way… Colton, and her brides being attacked and left for dead.

Colton runs Gracie’s Place and doesn’t need interference in the form of Kayla, or her plans for the future of his bar. Women aren’t high on his priority list, especially infuriating women who are trying to run him out.

Who is really attacking Kayla’s clients? Is it Colton, who would rather be left alone to stew in his tortured past? Or some other, more sinister person?

Who will win this battle of brides, bars, and hearts?

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Wake up every day and decide to make it a great one! I do believe being positive is a choice we have to make. Do it. It can change you.

Besides trying to bring smiles to people’s faces, I enjoy living life to its fullest. Give me a glass of wine, some good music, cats, the beach, sunshine,… Well, I could go on and on. With all the trials and tribulations we face each day in our personal lives as well as the world, I find it is so much easier to deal with if you have a positive attitude, put your trust in your higher power (mine is God), and enjoy the life you have.

I live in SouthWest Louisiana (Bayou Country and great Cajun food) with my wonderful and supportive husband.  Our combined families include four great children; two daughters and two sons – and growing with in-laws and grandbabies.  Oh, and one cat, Oscar.  It is such a blessing to have the love, encouragement (and computer help!) from my family. I could not make it daily without each of them.

I am published with The Wild Rose Press and Amazon Encore.  I am a member of Romance Writers of America and Bayou Writers Group of Southwest Louisiana. I hope that my writing will give someone the escape they need in their world.

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor
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  1. There’s this tequila and champagne sangria that I just adore. Aside from that, I drink a lot of water and hot black tea in the winter.

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