Thanksgiving Traditions

Open Book StampThanks for joining us on our Open Book Blog Hop.  This week we’re talking about our Thanksgiving traditions and what they mean to us.

I’m married to my husband for just over 31 years.  It’s a long time, but it sure has flown by.  I was married before Gene and I married and I have 2 children from that marriage.  Gene and I have 2 children together – all grown and moved away and one married. My ex is remarried as well and they have 2 children – both grown and married.  This complicates our holidays, but just a little.

I’ve always tried to keep things even and calm for the holidays.  My ex has traditions and so do we and we needed to make them work together so the kids weren’t stressed.  I think we did alright.

depositphotos_58511447_l-2015Thanksgiving Day Gene and I and our 2 kids and their families go to Gene’s sister’s house for our big meal.  Over the years we’ve had to work around Gene’s shift work, but this is the second year he is out of that mill job and we no longer have to worry about him working nights, weekends and holidays.  I can’t tell you how nice that is, especially for him.

We are a family that loves to graze.  By that, I mean we just love finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.  Gene’s brother-in-law has said, he’s never seen a family that can make a meal out of the appetizers but we can and do (wait till I tell you about Christmas!)

This year we’ll have Thanksgiving dinner at 4:00 and it’ll be the Thanksgiving favorites of turkey, sweet potatoes and other deliciousness.  Of course, the usual pumpkin pie (my favorite) and wine (my other favorite). 

What’s nice about it though, is that Gene’s sister is also divorced and she’s always invited her ex’s father and brother to join us. (Her ex husband, Mark, who was like a brother to us, passed away 10 years ago, but their daughter, Andrea, still gets to spend time with both families together, which is so nice.)  Mark’s father passed away a couple years ago and now it’s just his brother, Joe, who joins us.  But, such is the way with humans, we pass on to heaven and those of us left behind celebrate holidays and special occasions without us.  We say a prayer for those who have gone and remember them fondly.

Since I don’t have to cook, it’s a great holiday for me, relaxing and special.  Spending time with family and eating delicious food and enjoying each other.  What do you do for Thanksgiving?  I’d love to know.

Let’s hop on over and see what my fellow blog hoppers to do celebrate Thanksgiving, shall we?




2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Traditions”

  1. Nicole ONicole O

    Thanksgiving varies for me. Sometimes my mom or aunt hosts Thanksgiving for the whole family which is about 30 people or like this year it was just my parents, my sister and her kids, my brother and his kid and me which was 10 people.

    November 25, 2016

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