The Fireplace is finished!

If you’ve been following me (my newsletter or in my reader group), you know that Gene and I have been working on an outdoor fireplace. I’m excited to say it’s finished and we love it.

Next year, we’ll be looking for furniture to sit in and enjoy our new zen place. But, for now, just looking at makes us happy. We haven’t had a fire in it yet because the adhesive has to cure, but this weekend we’ll be enjoying a crackling fire and a drink or two!

8 thoughts on “The Fireplace is finished!”

  1. All the hard work and planning haas paid off. It’s lovely and will be even better sitting around it enjoying a drink along with the first snow flakes of the year! Enjoy! You deserve it!

  2. OMG that fire place area looks like a amazing, relaxing place with your favourite drink and just kick back and enjoy. xoxoxo

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