Who saved Who?

At the beginning of Healing Hope, Creed Rowan and Falcon Montgomery saved a group of women kidnapped and being held to sell off to traffickers. Creed felt protective of Hope right away as he realized she was different.

Some call it love at first sight or instalove. I don’t call it that though,But I think it’s a spark. There has to be some form of attraction for two people to connect in the first place. There’s a reason, be it chemical, visual, or maybe spiritual that keeps two people coming back to each other. To get to know each other or simply because they make you feel – something.

So, Creed kept going to the hotel where the women were staying until they could be sent home. Partly, it was his job. But, it changed somewhere along the way to being more about spending time with Hope than it was offering protection. He wanted to be near her. To speak with her. And, to protect her.

As their relationship grew and danger mounted, his desire to protect her and make things right for her became powerful. But, Hope’s feelings grew for Creed too. She wanted him to be safe and while she was healing and getting her mojo back, it was Creed who was there every step of the way. And it soon became more for Hope than her protector. She was enamoured by his ability to put himself in harm’s way for others. Creed is an amputee and he never complained about it or focused on it. He just kept going. But, he felt alone in his world and so did she.

He found her, but she found him too! So, who saved who?

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