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Open Book StampDecember 5 – Lists- We love lists. Top 10…. 5 Ways… Worst 3… List helpful hints for your topic of choice.

I’m a list maker, I have lists for everything – shopping, To-Do list, Christmas list for family, supper idea lists, see there’s a list for everything.  My favorite lists are checklists.  I see something being accomplished and can then put a check in the box showing some progress of sorts.

Since we’re talking about lists today and since it’s the Christmas season, I’m going to list my favorite Christmas activities in no particular order:

  1. with-wine-2On Christmas Eve, my husband’s family comes to our house to celebrate.  We meet up at church and sit together, then come back to our house for dinner.  Dinner always consists of “finger foods”; shrimp, cheese and crackers, olives, hors D’ ouvres, cookies, mini cheesecakes, and many other fun things you don’t need utensils for.  The funnest part for me, is that we walk around the center island of our kitchen and graze on the foods we like.  It’s casual, delicious and fun.
  2. Still somewhat a kid at heart, I love opening presents.  The suspense of not knowing what’s inside.  In our family, you are handed your gift, and you have to tell everyone who its from and then guess what you think is inside.  You have to make it a good guess and not some blithe, “A shirt.” guess.  Seeing who guesses right is the most fun.
  3. The decorations.  Driving to and from church and work, I just love looking at the creative ideas people have for decorating their homes.
  4. Christmas television.  Who doesn’t remember Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and so many others.  Now that our grandchildren are old enough to watch these shows, its super fun again.img_0003
  5. Wrapping presents.  I love wrapping presents, making pretty bows and then placing everything under the tree.  Wrapped presents are their own decorations.

What are your favorite Christmas things to do?  Shall we also go and see what lists my fellow hoppers have for us?  Click on the thumbnails below.  Merry Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 – 5 – 4”

  1. My favourite thing about Christmas is when the family are all together, as we will be on Christmas Day. Lovely.

    • Yep, its special. Just this year at Thanksgiving, we commented that they have changed so much over the years (family get togethers) because some people pass on and others are born.

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