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I, oftentimes, come across folks who’s first thought when the word ‘ghost’ is mentioned, is fear. Fear of a haunting, fear of an attack, and, frequently, simple fear of interaction. I’m one of those paranormal authors, whose books include a ghostly presence or two, or three. However, my ghosts aren’t there to scare my characters (unless, of course, they need to be scared). But, rather, my ghosts interact with my characters in meaningful ways.

My ghosts are either there to increase my character’s understanding of themselves, be a protector, and, my favorite, simply be there as a sounding board or partner, of sorts. Some of my ghosts are even guides. Why, do you ask?

10361332_304706793029227_8567263493995891924_nBecause, I have found out in my research of the paranormal, most ghosts don’t even know why they exist where they exist. Some are only wanting to understand and not intentionally trying to scare the living. There are even a lot of paranormal ‘recordings’, where the energy of someone is recorded and plays on a continuous loop. It’s not a ghostly existence at all. Just a recording.

Because I’m not a thriller writer, I endeavor to include a favorite past time of mine with my romances. It’s not my intention to scare with my stories, but rather hope a reader might come to understand more about ghosts and spirits and not be afraid.

There’s so much to fear in life these days, why be afraid of a ghost too? If you’ve read anything about me, you’ll find out that I love ghost walks and tours. I’ve been on several here in Georgia from Savannah to Roswell to Marietta. I’ve also been on walks in California, South Carolina, North Carolina, and even Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve loved them all and got lots of ideas for my stories from those walks.

Have you been on a ghost tour/walk? Please let me know where and how it went. I’d love to hear it and plan another one! I’ll also be giving away a signed copy of my novel GHOSTDRUMS to a lucky winner of those who comment!



6 thoughts on “Ghosts…Really?”

  1. I have never been on a tour, however have had my own encounters. I find it very intriguing.

  2. I have never been on a tour but I would love to go one day, I have always been fascinated with Ghosts. I have had my own experience with ghost sometimes there will be a cold spot in only certain spots and every once in a while I will smell perfume out of nowhere. The perfume I believe is my grandma checking up on everyone in the house because I remember my mom use to tell me she would smell perfume every time she walked past her picture.

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