Valentine’s Day – Love it or hate it?

This week we’re talking about Valentine’s Day and not in the usual way.  We decided to chat about what some of the difficulties about this time of year.

So, as weird as it seems, Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite time of year. It seems a contrived way to have to spend money on candy and flowers which, one, I don’t need and two, I don’t really care about. Not that I don’t like flowers, but I much prefer them for no reason at all, not because my husband felt obligated to buy them because of Valentine’s Day.  

Also, for single, unattached people it seems terribly lonely watching all of the coupled up folks buy gifts and go out to expensive dinners to celebrate their couple-dom.  

My husband and I try to do things throughout the year to keep our marriage on track.  We have date nights, movie nights and spend time with each other to keep the sparks flying. Other than that, we don’t need a specific day of the year such as Valentine’s to force us to do something nice for each other.  

Let’s hop on over and see what my fellow bloggers think about Valentine’s Day.

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