What are your favorite blog plug-ins?

What Are Your Favorite Blog Plugins?  I have a few plugins on my blog/website.  It seems there are such a variety of things I want my blog to do at any given time, that I have to make changes.  So, let me share a few of my faves.

  1. My Booktable is the first.  It’s a WordPress plugin and it’s what I use to set up my books on my website.  I like the features it offers – photos of my covers, endorsements (Amazon seems to continue to remove reviews here and there, don’t ask me why, it seems arbitrary).
  2. Recipe Card.  I offer a recipe every Wednesday on my blog and I like how Recipe Card organizes the information, ingredients, directions and the times. 
  3. Redirection.  Having evergreen links is a must.  Redirection allows me to use my website as my base, and all of my links run through it.  When posting links to other sites, I’m able to rename the link whatever I want it to say, make it look ‘prettier’ and if anything ever changes with a link, I change it through Redirection and I don’t have to change it anywhere else. 

There are a few more plugins that I use, but these are my top 3.  What are yours?

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