What are your favorite business resources?

Business resources come in all forms – from people you go to for advice to a website or Facebook group to a monthly group like RWA’s local chapters and so on.

I have a few favorite business resources that I depend on for answers to questions or dilemmas I need sorted.

  1. I have a Facebook group, which is private, that I go to daily to see what the collective wisdom is for my fellow authors from my fellow authors. This group was formed by very successful authors and they maintain a tight ship. The main rule – “Don’t ask a question that you can goole and don’t ask before you search the group to see if it has been answered.”  The information shared there is invaluable.
  2. I have a fellow author, Stacey Joy Netzel, who I get together with once per month to chat about writing, marketing, newsletters, etc. This has been a valuable relationship in terms of not feeling alone out there in this big publishing world.  
  3. Last, but absolutely not least, my husband, The Biker, has a level head when it comes to business, so he’s always my sounding board.

Where do you get your business advice/knowledge?  

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4 thoughts on “What are your favorite business resources?”

  1. The advice of other authors is invaluable. My husband, however, is way too technical to advice me on writing or business. He’d rather fix a heating system or wire a house.

  2. We’re slowly forming a community of writers on Cheyenne. I’ve already got some great advice from other folks who are local.

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