What’s your favorite App?

I think we all have some app or another on our phones by this point. There are so many, between games, photo editing, reading apps, scanning apps, food apps. What do you use and what are your favorites? We all may find some new apps to download and play with.

4 thoughts on “What’s your favorite App?”

  1. my favorite of all is my Kindle app. My books come wherever I go. Don’t have to worry about making room for my books. They are all together at my fingertips. I love my games also. Another favorite is Allrecipes is another favorite. I love to cook and bake and always looking for something new. This app have everything you could possibly find.

    • I’ve seen pictures of your baking and cooking and if it tastes even close to how yummy it looks, I’d be huge if I lived with you.

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