Where is Lynyrd Station?

When I wrote Ford: Finding His Fire, I asked my reader group, PJ Fiala’s Road Queens, what I should name the small town in Indiana where Ford Montgomery lives.

The winning submission was Lynyrd Station. It’s a fictitious small town in Indiana, near the Kentucky border. Since, I have a special place in my heart for small towns and Kentucky, I thought this worked quite well.

Ford Montgomery grew up in Lynyrd Station and now owns a mountain just outside of town named, Lynyrd Station on the Hill. This name came to be because the Road Queen, Anita Shofner, who named Lynyrd Station, had a friend who lived on a large hill he had named, Lynyrd Station on the Hill.

The name is unusual and not the normal small town name, but then again, what is the usual small town name? With so many authors in the wild and all of us coming up with something new, there isn’t a “usual” any more. And, that’s just fine.

So, Ford grew up with Rory Richards, who also served in the military with him. Rory is now a detective in Lynyrd Station, and just like small towns in romantic suspense books, he’s a busy detective. (insert evil laugh here).

Later, Lincoln Montgomery and Dodge Sager, friends of Ford and Rory’s from the military, moved to Lynyrd Station and the security firm was born.

This series is now titled Big 3 Security. Aptly named because, Ford, Lincoln and Dodge, were back in the day, called the Big 3 auto manufacturers and a running joke with Ford Montgomery and friends.

Soon, though, you’ll see a title change on this series, and new covers are in the works. Big 3 Security will become, Lynyrd Station Security. I’m excited to show you the covers once they’re complete.

In the meantime, Ford, Lincoln, Dodge and Rory are excited for you to read their stories of suspense and love in a small town.

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