Writing spaces and processes.

It’s been some time since we chatted about our writing spaces and processes and we thought, “Why not bring this subject to the forefront again?”

So, for the past few years I’ve wanted to update my office.  It needs to be more user friendly and it needs to “feel” like a space I want to be in.  My creative brain works better when I enjoy my space.  Right now, besides needing a good purge, my office is cluttered and feels “hodge-podged” and I struggle with keeping my focus while writing because I begin to look around and see things I want to change. So, I usually end up moving to a different room where I can keep my focus.  Nothing wrong with that for the most part, except, in other rooms I become distracted by other things.  As I move toward writing full time, I’d like to train my brain to recognize that when I’m in the office, I’m working.  To do that, I need to “be” in the office.  See, vicious cycle.

But, over these years things keep cropping up to inhibit the office update.  Money. Time. Energy. It’s all a factor.  So, I’ll keep plugging away and trying to keep myself “writing” in my office while not particularly enjoying my space. 

What helps this?  Well, I’ve found that if I plot my stories out well, once I get distracted, I can easily get back on track because I have a plot to follow and know where to go with my story.  It’s not perfect, but it does help.

What is your process/office space like?

I’m going to hop over and see if I can get some tidbits from my fellow authors on this subject, would you like to join me? Just click the thumbnails below.

3 thoughts on “Writing spaces and processes.”

  1. My desk area got buried in a home improvement project and never really emerged. By the time I was able to get back to it, I’d gotten used to using the laptop in our bedroom or the living-room. So a very nice roll-top desk in the family room/library is now mostly where my husband drops his receipts when he comes in from work. I don’t really miss it and he keeps it a whole lot neater than I ever did. I do sometimes take the laptop down and sit in the rocker in front of the wood stove however. It’s a nice change of pace.

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