Securing Kiera’s Love

Securing Kiera’s Love

One former military security professional, plus
One broken woman from his past,
Equals a story so emotional it'll bring you to tears.

David Haggerty longed for is lost love, Kiera. After years of wondering what happened to her and why she left, he's stunned to walk into a client's house to find her there.

Kiera loved David with her whole heart, but she was the only person who could save her father's live. In order to do that, she first had to break David's heart and hers in the process. Now a chance meeting has them face to face after thirty years. She's broken and battered and he's struggling to forgive.Securing Kiera's Love is Book Two in PJ Fiala's smoking hot Second Chances series. If you love sensual sex scenes, a second chance at love and imperfect characters learning to love who they are, you'll love this exciting series.  Start your second chance journey now.

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About the Book

Can love be renewed after a thirty-year separation?

David Haggerty longed for many years for his lost love, Kiera. Now in his fifties he believes it will never happen. He’s been married and divorced and now finds solace in his security business.

Kiera loved David with all her heart, but life took over. She was the only one who could save her father’s life. But, to do that, she had to leave David. Battered and broken, Kiera sees David again after more than thirty years. Will he forgive her? Can he?

5.0 out of 5 stars Securing Kiera’s Love By Gigi Boydon March 1, 2018 What a fantastic read. I don’t do spoilers, however I’ll tell you what to expect from this author. Her writing is exceptional as she writes stories that are “realistic” and enduring to the point you never forget her books. The characters are flawless with each having a very charismatic and humorous side. The storylines are full of emotion and again are memorable. I don’t have to read book descriptions for this author; I simply one click as I know she will take me on a wild ride - kudos PJ on another hit with this book 📚💞😉
"Beautify and Heartbreaking" "Full of drama, pain, suffering secrets, regrets and love this memorable book will stay with you a long time."
– Aunt G
Every now and then, a book grabs you by the heartstrings and won’t let go. Securing Kiera’s Love is one of those books. I never realized how great emotional overload could be within the covers of a book. Mistakes were made thirty years ago. It will take determination and a strong desire for Kiera and David to move past their fears. But can a romance be rekindled after thirty years? PJ Fiala’s writing is sensual, sexy, and starts as a slow burn and builds to a roaring flame. I cried, then laughed, and cried again. Securing Kiera’s Love is a definite must read!
What a fantastic job in showing the rekindling of David and Kiera's love. So much happened to the two odd them in their 30 yrs apart to end up back together and over come all their issues was amazing. Great story. I loved it.
Securing Kieras Love Welcome to Keira and David's story about second chance romance..Keira and David have a love that is special. They have plans of a future together. One night Keira leaves David's and disappears. 30 years past and on a chance encounter David and Keira come face to face again. Their love is still there along with a lot of anger. Keira wants to explain to David, but is David to hurt to hear what Keira has to say? Can David forgive her for hurting him. Securing Kieras Love is such an emotional, loving story that you will find yourself in tears of sadness and tears of love when hearing about what they have endured for the past 30 years. PJ Fiala has brought together these two wonderful characters who will instantly win your heart over. I love love love this story.
This is my first book by this author and it certainly will not be the last. This book centers around Kiera, and David . Thirty years ago, they were very much in love with plans of having a life together but overnight, Kiera disappears . This devastated David and even though he married afterwards to someone else, Kiera was the love of his life. Now he is divorced and Kiera is a widow dealing with PTSD. Destiny brings them back together but not without a great deal of drama. While the storyline was engaging , what really touched me was how the author presents domestic abuse at its worse, a dysfunctional family and how Kiera has managed to survive. When she thinks things can’t get worse, her past comes back to haunt her . David’s emotions are understandable. I loved how sensitive he was and how supportive he was to Kiera. A thought provoking story and one you will remember for a long time. Kudos to this talented author to highlight a difficult subject and doing it so well. I was gifted this copy. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Read and reviewes SECURING KIERA'S LOVE. Posted review on Goodreads and In Our Opinion and tagged you from there. Here's a copy of my review. SECURING KIERA'S LOVE By PJ Fiala Relese Date 720 Contemporary romance David and Kiera fell in love 30 years ago and, David was about to ask Kiera to marry him when she suddenly disappeared without a word. He's never gotten over it. In the meantime, Kiera was forced into a horrifically abusive marriage because of her father's theft of his employer's money. Kiera's husband and daughter were killed in an auto accident 5 years ago and, she is finally starting to live again, starting back with architecture and learning to tolerate being out in public and around men. Ironically, she is hired by a company run by David's best friend. When Kiera and David both realize they are going to be working together and, that their feelings for each other never died, they slowly start to get to know each other again and, therein lies the problem. They both have such severe problems with intimacy because of their history that, neither of them ever truly feels that, try though they might, this relationship will ever last. I picked this book up yesterday afternoon and didn't put it down until I finished it last night. Yet another, can't stop reading it, PJ Fiala book! 5 STARS Heat Level 4
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