12 Days of Christmas

A few fellow authors and myself decided to send 2020 packing with a big book extravaganza.  Who wins? You do! These fellow authors and myself pulled our books together and priced them at .99 cents or some of them are Free! 

Look at all the deals.

Moving to Love, Rolling Thunder book 1 – .99 cents

Big Bad Bite – Jessie Lane – .99 cents

Black in White – JC Andrijeski – .99 cents

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind – Abbie Zanders and Jessie Lane – .99 cents

Dark Within – Candice Gilmer – .99 cents

Fighting Destiny – Amelia Hutchins – Free

Flames of Chaos – Amelia Hutchins – .99 cents

Flash Point – Desiree Holt – .99 cents

Ice – Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane – .99 cents

Immortal Enemies – Jessie Lane – .99 cents

Out of the Tower – Candice Gilmer – .99 cents

Rook – JC Andrijeski – .99 cents

SEALED at Sunset – Sharon Hamilton – .99 cents

Secret Maneuvers – Jessie Lane – .99 cents

Tempest – Peyton Banks – Free

Star – Jessie Lane and M.L. Pahl

The Playmaker – Cathryn Fox – .99 cents

Vampire Detective Midnight – JC Andrijeski – .99 cents from 12/24/2020 and 1/1/2021 and Free from 12/27 – 12/31

Grab your copies while they’re on sale. Offers end January 4th, 2021.

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