Moving On

It’s release day and I’m so danged excited. I love this book. I loved writing this book. I’ve thought about this book for years. You see, when I started my Rolling Thunder series, I knew the final book would be LuAnn’s book. I’ll be honest and say, I didn’t even know how I was going to write it or what it would even look like, but I did it.

And, now, it’s here. Yay!

So, dear readers, please give this book a chance. And, if you do, please leave a review, it’s so appreciated.

Thank you for reading my books and following me on social media. It’s been a joy for me to fulfill my writing dreams and an even bigger thrill to meet so many of you.

So, without further ado, I give you, Chase Matthews and LuAnn Mason in Moving On, Rolling Thunder book 7.

After three long years in prison, LuAnn is walking out to a new life—with no job, no home, and no friends. Except Chase, but even then, she’s treated him like shit, too, so it would be a miracle if he gave her the time of day. Somehow she has to show him she’s a new woman with a clean slate—all she needs is a second chance. 

Chase finds himself faced with straddling two worlds. He loves his job and his coworkers after they helped him straighten up his life after he took a bad road. He’s hopeful for LuAnn’s return and wants to offer her the same opportunity, but considering she did time for trying to kill his boss’s wife and unborn child, there’s no way she’ll be welcome in his professional life.

How in the hell can he move them to ‘Us’ without losing the work family he owes his life to?

Moving On, Rolling Thunder Book 7