A FREEBIE and a Sale!

Just in time for the July 4th weekend I’ve got a couple of deals for you. Defending Keirnan is book one in my GHOST series and explains how and why GHOST came to be. I enjoyed writing this book so much. Dane is every woman’s dream. He’s smart, protective but not an A-hole and he’s sexy. Add to his charms, his relationship with his little girl, Emersyn, and wow, the hole package. Newly out of the military, Dane is starting a whole new career and his life is in a state of flux. Then, he meets Keirnan Vickers.

Keirnan is sweet, beautiful and kind. She’s a kindergarten teacher who wants so much good for these kids. She starts a reading program for the kids and their families called, Read with your littles. Every Thursday, she gathers the kids and their families (however that looks, moms, dads, grandparents, baby sitters, whoever will spend some time with the kids) and has them sit together in the library and read books with each other. It’s an hour a week to just be together. Then, she meets Dane Copeland.

Suddenly, just as they meet, things behind the scenes in Keirnan’s life take a potentially deadly turn and Dane is faced with losing Keirnan just as he’s found her.

Twists and turns, action, adventure, steamy bits and the always important happily ever after bring this story to a fantastic end and the beginning of GHOST.

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And as I put Defending Keirnan on sale for Free, I decided to go one step further and put Defending Sophie on sale also. Defending Sophie is book two in my GHOST series.

Gaige Vickers heads up the GHOST team. But, he’s never forgotten Sophie Turner, his best friend’s sister. He’d stayed away all these years because it’s not right to covet your best friend’s sister. Life took them in different directions, but she held a place in his headspace all these years.

Sophie’s in trouble and in hiding, which makes her AWOL from the military. She’s accused of murder with no one to turn to. Her brother, Tate, is dead and her best friend Kate is too. The only person she can turn to is Gaige Vickers. Will he be willing to drop everything to help her? She sure hopes so or she’ll be dead soon.

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