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Defending Keirnan:

A former special forces operative.
A teacher with a love for literature.
Together, they fight for the fairytale.

Single father, Dane Copeland focuses only on his daughter and his career as a special operative with the Army. But when he meets the intriguing and impassioned teacher, Keirnan Vickers, Dane suddenly wants and needs more.

With a bleeding heart, Keirnan will do anything to help others. Getting the local library repaired and replenished with more books is her current goal. Meeting the mysterious and sexy single father opens her eyes to a world more adventurous than any novel she’s ever read.  

But when enemies from Keirnan’s past come back and threaten everything she’s worked for, Dane will do anything to protect her. With time running out and Keirnan in grave peril, the special ops agent is hellbent on giving her the storybook dream.

Will DEFENDING KEIRNAN be his most dangerous mission, yet?  


Adventure, Band of Brothers, Blended Family, Blue Collar, Emotional Hurt, Everyone can see it, Falling in Love, Love at first sight, Romantic Angst, Second Chance at love, Single Parent, Widow/widower, Child-care/Teacher

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Defending Sophie

She’s the prime murder suspect.
He’s the man she could never have.
Together, on the run and with a murder to solve, sparks fly and passion burns.

Army sergeant Sophie Turner would do anything for anyone. And after her best friend is murdered, she’s hellbent on uncovering the truth. But when all evidence points to her, Sophie must call the only man she’s ever truly wanted for help.

Special agent Gaige Vickers has loved Sophie for as long as he can remember. The second she needs his help, Gaige is there. As they embark upon the truth together, Gaige and Sophie grow closer. Two things are clear: their attraction is undeniable, and Sophie’s story doesn’t quite add up. Gaige is suddenly torn between his desire for her and his determination to reveal the murderer.  But one thing is certain: come Hell or high water, he’ll do anything to DEFEND SOPHIE. 


Protector, Second Chance, Tortured Hero, Alpha Hero, Steamy Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, All Grown Up, Small Town

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Also available in audiobook!