Are you an Instagrammer?

I’ve been using Instagram for a while and I do enjoy it.  When I’m relaxing in the evening, I love scrolling through everyone’s pictures and seeing what they’re up to.  I even got The Biker, (hubby) to sign up, though I’m not sure he’s posted anything yet!  

Anyway, I do struggle a bit with things to post and wondered if we could get together and do this challenge.  So, to start with, I’d love it if you followed me on Instagram.  If you aren’t, you can do that right here!

Then, either follow me so I can follow you back, or post your Instagram handle below so we can all follow each other.  

When you post your challenge pictures, use the hashtag #PJFialaInstaChallenge and I’ll try and like your challenge pictures.  This should be fun.  Now, ready, set and…go!


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