Are you enough?

Recently, my hubby, the Biker, and I were having a conversation about self-confidence and people who either believe they are not “enough” or sadly, when stuck in a room with them, are too much.

The fact of the matter is, we are enough. Each of us battles this demon in one way or another and at different times of our lives, depending on what’s going on.

This brings me to my book of the week – Moving to Forever. Danny Schaefer is a wounded Army veteran, who lost a leg thanks to an IED in Afghanistan. Coming home wounded, he doesn’t think he’s enough. Dealing with his new body, he’s trying to figure out where he fits into this new world of his and sadly, he feels that women won’t be attracted to him because he’s an amputee. What Danny’s forgotten, is that while devastating to lose a limp, he didn’t lose his mind, or his heart. He still brings a lot to the table and his family still loves him, maybe even more because of his strength.

Tammy Davis has her own issues. A past boyfriend betrayed her in a most evil way and blasted it all over the internet. Now feeling as though she’s tainted and unable to trust, Tammy battles with the “enough” demon.

When the two come together they are able to teach each other how to over-come what it is they need to battle – insecurity. And they do it together. It doesn’t hurt that they fall in love at the same time. Oh, and the steamy sex doesn’t hurt either.

Grab a copy of Moving to Forever and tuck in for the ride of your life.

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