Rolling Thunder fun

This month we’re revisiting our sexy, sassy and oh so steamy Rolling Thunder men.

For a chance at a $20 Amazon gift card this month, tell me who your favorite Rolling Thunder character is and why.

Winner will be chosen next month and only posted in the newsletter, so make sure you open your newsletter to find out if its you!

To help you remember, I’ve added my inspiration photos!

JT & Kayden are Moving Home.

17 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder fun”

  1. Jeremiah because he is always right there for his family. To him family is everything. He strict and sticks to his guns. Motorcycles are his business and nobody is going to be messing that up now he has cleared the problem girl out and has Joci and Gunnar apart of his life and a baby. Thunder Rolls loved the book want to get all of them PJ cant read on my Kindle.

  2. I have only read Moving to Love so sadly the only one I can vote for is Jeremiah. I haven’t been able to read the other ones yet.

  3. My fav is Ryder Sheppard. I like his shyness, his love of family and his sense of loyalty.

  4. Jeremiah “Dog” Sheppard is my absolute fav – that man knew what he wanted and reached out and went for it – Joci is pretty awesome herself 🙂

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