Axel’s life is about to change – for the better.

Defending Bridget was the book in my GHOST series I was both excited and nervous about writing. I wanted to do it justice and I wanted to tell the story. What I found as I was writing – it was a pleasure to write. I love both of them. Axel is strong, protective and a but frustrated that his friends are growing families. He always wanted to be a dad. Life had other plans for him.

Bridget is strong, independent and frustrated. She’s a single mom left pregnant from a one-night stand. Now that is partly on her for not taking precautions, but trying to locate the father only led her down a path she was sorry and embarrassed to find. Her baby daddy was a criminal. Go figure.

Years later, she sees him again in the most unlikely of places and her world, and his, are turned upside down. They deal with frustration, anger, hurt, lies and that feeling of betrayal. But, they did it as adults and with maturity and I absolutely LOVE Axel and Bridget. Love, love, love. Have you read their story?

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