Falcon Montgomery is about to learn what it’s like to love a strong woman.

Keeping Kori is LIVE!

If you read Ford: Finding His Fire, you met Ford Montgomery. Ford is an alpha protector but not an alpha-hole. It’s in his nature to protect those who need protecting. Falcon Montgomery is a chip-off-the-old-block. Falcon is very much his father’s son.

Working at RAPTOR on Charlie Team, Falcon Montgomery loves his job. And, he’s good at it too. And, right now, they are so close to bring Sergeant Dilano down for his involvement in trafficking women and children. So close. So when he’s shot by Dilano, even that isn’t going to keep him from working his case.

Lucky for Falcon, Kori Jackson, an off-duty EMT hears the shots and sees Falcon fall. Running toward the shooting instead of away is what Kori Jackson does. She’s trained and vowed to protect those who need protection. Falcon and Kori are alike in that. But, Kori isn’t used to being protected and Falcon isn’t used to being in love with someone who takes risks. Sometimes, risk offers its own reward.

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  1. I have tried to download this book 4 times now and keep having to return it. I am in Australia.Have never had this problem before.

    • Hi Jane,

      I sent you an email. I’m sorry you’re having issues with this, however, it’s 100% an Amazon issue. Other readers have had to contact Amazon through the help link and ask them to push the new content out. Please let me know that you’ve contacted them. I’ve also sent them an email.

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