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I’ve mentioned this site before, when it first came out, but thought it worth mentioning again.  

This is a site that was developed for romance readers and authors by romance readers and authors. It’s a place where we can connect, without the other ‘noise’ out there.  We can find books to love, authors to love and fellow readers who all share the most important element – WE LOVE ROMANCE.

How does it work?

Authors post original snippets of their books with a picture. Readers get to read these snippets, for free, and if you love them enough, you can click on the buy links and purchase it. 

There’s also a comment section so you can let the author know what you think of their snippet, or picture or book.  Or, what you did yesterday, or are going to do this weekend.  

What doesn’t it have?

It doesn’t have ads, censorship (ahem Facebook, I’m talking to you) or politics. (Thank the Lord for this.)

So, check me out on there, won’t you?  Check out some of your other favorite authors too!