Book Covers

Two weeks ago we asked about subgenres and I’ve got your answers compiled for you here.

What I take from your answers is you love contemporary, military, romantic suspense, paranormal, bikers, small town and billionaire.  I’m feeling pretty great about that, cause that’s most of what I write, so we’re good.

The subgenre question winner, selected at random, for the $5.00 Amazon gift card, is Deb Jones Diem!  Congratulations Deb!!!!

Let’s keep this thing going shall we?  I’d like to know more. 

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Now for this week’s question – book covers and how important are they?

3 thoughts on “Book Covers”

  1. The cover usually shows the author’s taste and if the book is romantic, erotic, comedy, mystery, etc. It appeals to me, or not….

  2. Noticing the cover is why I would pick up a book and check it out. Some indicate what the story is about or the times in which it takes place. Of course, if it has a sexy guy on the cover…..well, that’s the one I would probably select.

  3. When it comes to book covers I don’t pay much attention if I know I like the particular author. HOWEVER, if the author is unknown to me, a book cover that catches might get me to check out book ratings & reviews to see if I’m interested. Also, friend’s recommendations get my attention!

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