Craving Charlesia is coming soon!

Craving Charlesia is the third book in the RAPTOR series and it’s coming your way on November 30th.

I’m excited for you to read Charly and Sam’s story. They’ve had their eyes on each other for a while now. They never made the move to do more than admire each other from afar, because they were both timidated the other wasn’t interested. For these two confident, smart people to assume the other wasn’t interested shows just how much heart these two each have.

But, finally, it takes a murder and a little girl to bring them together and the rest is a roller coaster of who the bad guys are, who the good guys are and everyone in between. They navigate their respective jobs searching for answers while learning about each other and finding a good home for a little girl who needs love badly.

This story brought a tear to my eyes more than once while writing it. And during the subsequent edits and proofreads, it did it again. Basically, I think it’s a great story and I’m excited to share it with the world.

Craving Charlesia releases November 30, 2021. Preorder your copy now to wake up with Sam and Charly.